City Services


Please report any abandoned buildings in your neighborhood. Report any danger of collapse or if a building poses any other hazard that may cause imminent danger to nearby tenants or the public. Please have the following information available: is the building open or boarded up, location of building (front, rear, garage etc.), and is anyone using the building (homeless, children, gangbangers).


Please report any need to remove ice and snow from city streets. Crews make every effort to remove snow and ice from streets as quickly as possible during the winter months. Please have the location/address of the problem available, including whether it is a main street or side street as well as a description of the problem.


Please report any sidewalks in the public way that have not been cleared (shoveled or salted) within 6 hours after a snow/sleet event.


Please report any unsanitary conditions on private property that should cause the owner to be cited for violating the city’s sanitation codes. Certain questions must be answered to initiate an investigation: such as the location address and what type of problem exists. It is helpful to know who is responsible for the problem, if known. If you can leave your name and phone number, the inspectors sometimes need to contact the complainant in order to issue a citation to the violator. To request assistance please contact my office: 773-324-5555


When things get hard sometimes we need a little help. If you are in need, please contact my office to request a one-time box of non-perishable food for an individual or family in an emergency situation. Contact information is necessary for the person or family in need of food so the Emergency Services division of the Chicago Department of Human Services can call to assess their needs.


Please report any trees that are located on city property, usually between the curb and sidewalk, that are in need of trimming. When requesting this type of service it is important to indicate why you think the tree needs to be trimmed (i.e. it’s shading the street lights, trim dead branches, trim low branches over the sidewalk or street, clear branches away from the roof or windows of the house etc.


Please report any garbage or construction debris that has been dumped illegally on the public way or on a vacant lot. If you are viewing the dumping in progress, call 911 with the license plate number and a description of the vehicle and/or individuals involved. If you are reporting the problem after the fact, please include the license plate number and a description of the vehicle and/or individuals involved on this service request.


Please identify any seniors whose health, safety or general well-being are in question. The city will send a team of human services specialists to make an assessment of the client’s needs. Follow-up services can be identified and provided as needed.


Please report any landlords who are not providing sufficient heat to tenants of residential dwelling units. Certain information must be provided in order to initiate an inspection of the property such as the locations address’s, the owner or manager’s name and phone number, whether you pay your own heating/gas bill, and whether there is someone home during the day to open the door for an inspector.


Please report any and all potholes in the street. Please have the street and cross street available to ensure accurate reporting.


Please report any general building code violations. Complaints include missing or broken windows/screens, illegal apartments, falling bricks/terra-cotta from the exterior, peeling paint or holes, falling plaster from walls/ceilings, and buildings with multiple building code violations.


Please report any rodent problem that is occurring in an alley.


Please report any request for the city sewers, located on or near the curb, be checked for cleaning. Certain questions must be answered to create a work order for an inspection: the address location, whether this sewer is in front of your home and the location of the sewer (street, curb line, alley etc.). Do not use this service type to request cleaning of a catch basin on private property. That is the property owner’s responsibility.


Please report one or two lights out of order (on metal poles) on a street in your neighborhood with this service type. Certain answers are required to report single street lights out: the address the light is in front of and is the light completely out or does it flicker on-off. Again street light repairs are usually done during the day when the lights are off, so this information is essential to expedite the repair work.

Also please report any complete blocks of streets lights on metal poles (more than two street lights) that are completely out are reported for repair by using this service type. Certain questions must be answered to report street lights all out: an address the lights are out in front of, how many lights are out, what street are the lights out on, and the parameters affected (entire block, from what street to what street etc.). Street light repairs are usually done during the day when the lights are not on.