5th Ward Report: Fall 2019

Dear 5th Ward Resident:

Summer 2019 was nonstop. There were activities for every one, regardless of age. Now, we have the festivities of the holiday season to look forward to enjoying with family and friends.

This year will be different, however.

Recently, Trader Joe’s opened in the Hyde Park shopping center and Local Market by Shop & Save is scheduled to open before Christmas. It’s so exciting to know 5th Ward residents can go grocery shopping in our own neighborhood. Aside from the convenience of having grocery options, these two stores will provide jobs for local residents and allow money to turnover within our ward boundaries. For years I’ve been saying for the 5th Ward to thrive and be self sufficient, we must have diverse businesses, people and housing.

During my 20 years as alderman, these are the types of issues I’ve supported and fought to make available for all residents. As you know finding a grocery store to replace the shuttered Dominick’s in Jeffery Plaza was a six-year odyssey, but it will be well worth it if the owners continue to be as responsive to the community’s wishes once it opens as they have been during the planning and build out. By the time the new Local Market by Shop & Save opens, we’ll all look forward to celebrating.

Recently, my City Council colleagues and I voted on the city budget for 2020. Budgets are more than numbers, they’re also a reflection of our values.

Let’s make these last weeks of 2019 memorable for not only what we accomplish, but also the journey we start toward equity for all.


Leslie A. Hairston